A new app for hearing enhancement


Mimi launched its first app at TechCrunch Disrupt NY in May and unveiled plans for a new approach to assistive listening technology that breaks away from conventional offerings. This technology includes diagnostics, and speech and audio enhancement. Mimi uses cloud and smartphone technology and therefore aims at making diagnosis and treatment of hearing difficulties more accessible, affordable and attractive.

Mimi’s first app, mimi.io, features elements of the company’s new hearing technology. The iOS app allows users to test their hearing and gain a firsthand experience of what life with and without hearing difficulties is like, just using their smartphone.

After receiving their hearing assessment, users can discover the benefits of hearing enhancement by listening to speech on their phone, which is adjusted in realtime using hearing enhancement technology. Conversely, the smartphone can also be used to mask live sounds picked up by the microphone allowing users to experience some of the difficulties of living with hearing loss.