2012: Highest sales in a decade

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What an impressive year for hearing aid sales in the UK. The total market increased by 7%, with a remarkable 1,221,602 hearing aids being sold by hearing aid manufacturers during 2012. This is the second year on the trot that the UK has experienced a pretty strong sales performance!

Sales to hospitals during the year increased by 7.7%; breaking through the million unit mark for the first time. 2012 sales to UK private hearing aid dispensers increased by 4% from 2011 figures. In comparison, the US figure was 2.9% and the German market increased by 2.4% during the same period. Of the 116,753 BTEs sold to private hearing aid dispensers, more than 89,000 were RIC products. RIC sales increased by 17% from 2011.

The final few months of the year were strong for the private market, with sales increasing by 5.2% compared to 2011. BTES increased by 4.9% to 30,025 units; more than 23,000 were RICs. ITEs fared well, increasing by 5.5%.

Source: British Hearing Aid Manufacturers Association

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