Predictions for 2031: Gitte Aabo. Innovations and data empowering device users


Future of Audiology: 2031

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Will people in 2031 be wondering how they ever lived without hearing aids, as a majority would now say about their smartphones? GN Hearing CEO Gitte Aabo predicts that the role of data will acquire so much importance in the next ten years that people with "unaided ears" will not doubt the need for aids.

The fifth person consulted by Audiology Worldnews for 2031, the GN supremo is one of many experts who see progress riding on an unstoppable steed of technology.



Gitte Aabo, CEO GN Hearing

Seeking support for hearing loss earlier will be much more common than it is today, and many more people will access the hearing care they need. This shift will be driven by new digital health care delivery models and a wider range of innovations offering hearing enhancement, wellness technology and audio streaming within one package. In parallel, the role of the clinician in providing enhanced care for those who need it will be reinforced and broaden in scope to incorporate other aspects of health beyond hearing.

Devices will integrate seamlessly to the major digital ecosystems and platforms of preference for all users. Data will be the most important asset for truly individualised care, and people wearing these devices will have advantages beyond those with unaided ears.

The leap from today’s hearing aids to tomorrow’s solutions mimics the transformation we saw from basic phones to smartphones. People will wonder how they ever lived without them!


Source: Audiology Worldnews EUHA special 2021