Tech team-up deal ups the bar on smart hearing protection for mission teams on the ground



© Chainerong Prasertthai - iStock

A partnership between Sweden-based hearing protection providers Sordin and Israeli communications tech outfit, Cardo Crew, is promising a game-changing line in hearing protectors for people on the move.

The goal in practice is to provide equipment that will allow teams on the ground to clearly pick up important sounds such as instructions from colleagues or warning signals, whilst also protecting them from potentially damaging noise from machinery and other sound.

Announcing the achievement of this goal through the new team-up came ahead of the launch in August 2021 of SHARE, Sordin’s groundbreaking new electronic hearing protector. The device will combine Cardo Crew’s state-of-the-art dynamic mesh communications technology with features such as ambient sound filtering, voice activation and a dedicated mobile app.

Commenting on the partnership, Peter Ovrin, Global Product Manager at Sordin, said: “With Cardo’s state-of-the-art Dynamic Mesh Technology, and other supporting features such as a mobile app, voice control and Bluetooth, SHARE is a groundbreaking product that will revolutionise hearing protection and communication in the field.”

For Cardo Crew, the company's Chief Business Officer, Shachar Harari,commented: “There are countless applications and use cases, including industrial and construction environments, where the combination of Cardo Crew’s state of the art intercom system and Sordin’s expertise in designing best-in-class hearing protection devices would be an excellent fit.”

Source: BusinessWire