"Cybercrime" collapses Demant's IT infrastructure



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A critical "cybercrime" incident brought down the IT system of the multinational hearing technology group, Demant, on Tuesday (September 3).

By Wednesday afternoon (Sept 4), the holding firm behind Oticon was still trying to limit the damage, although President and CEO, Søren Nielsen, claimed in a company announcement that its fast reaction in shutting down systems had enabled the group to "contain" the issue.

"The Group’s IT infrastructure has been hit by cyber-crime, and we have identified the root causes hereof," said Nielsen.

"In cooperation with our global IT partners, we have initiated a thorough and gradual recovery. We continue to keep several IT systems closed down in order to recover in a safe and structured manner," continued the Demant announcement. The Denmark-based firm was unable to give an estimate on the impact of the incident or on how long it would continue to affect its operations."

Source: Demant