New clEAR subscription bundles tele-audiology therapy into its gamified formula


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Innovating the business formula can boost healthcare as well as profits, according to the US-based hearing gamifiers, clEARTM, which chose the American Association of Audiologists Conference (AAA) to announce its new $24.99 subscription package.

In line with its "EARS train the brain" motto, the St Louis-based outfit is now bundling its gamified auditory training for users—which it claims is engaging and effective—with a tele-audiologist feature that means users can count on ongoing help from audiologists. "We saw a strong need to provide aural rehabilitation services at a lower price tag for our patients, while allowing us to give time back to busy practitioners with our tele-audiologist services,” said Nancy Tye-Murray, co-founder and chief executive office at clEAR.

The clEAR subscription period has been changed from three-monthly to month-to-month with no obligatory commitment, while a new coupon system has also been introduced so audiologists can offer a discount to patients. Audiologists can opt to have a clEAR tele-audiologist carry out patient follow-up at no charge to their practice. While clEAR aims for more audiologists to bundle in brain training with the cost of hearing aids, the firm also sees the new model as enforcing the often-neglected stage of follow-up listening therapy.

“With the rise of unbundled service options for individuals choosing to purchase hearing devices online, we listened to our patients and service providers, and we’re pleased to be the first company offering bundled services,” said Tye-Murray.

Source: Virtual Strategy Magazine