Beltone, Eargo and Phonak nominated finalists in the 2019 Edison Awards


The prestigious 2019 Edison Awards features three top new products as finalists in its Consumer Electronics and Information category: Beltone Amaze by Beltone, Eargo Max by Eargo, and the Phonak Marvel hearing aid with universal Bluetooth connectivity by Phonak.

Following a nomination review and ballot system involving an independent judging panel of more than 3,000 professionals from technology fields, organisations, industry and other discplines, all is now ready for the winners to be announced at the Edison Awards Gala on Thursday, April 4, 2019 in New York City.

"Amaze by Beltone"appeared in 2018 with publicity underlining its "natural sound", connectivity, and the possibility to contact your audiologist through the Beltone Remote Care app. The "Eargo Max" hearing aid took eight years to develop and was included in Time magazine's list of best inventions in 2018. Phonak launched "Marvel" in October 2018 as "the world's first Bluetooth hearing aid to combine clear, rich sound quality with the ability to stream from billions of Bluetooth devices including including Android and iPhone". All three devices are rechargeable.

The Edison Awards were set up in memory of technology pioneer Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) to acknowledge, reward, and foster innovation and innovators "to create a positive impact in the world". For more information on the 2019 Edison Awards, visit

Source: Edison Awards