Wireless earwear reaches fashion zenith - Louis Vuitton AirPods earphones anyone?



A challenge to the status effect of the Apple AirPod—which has been trumpeted as a makeshift hearing aid—is being launched by the Paris fashion house Louis Vuitton in the form of designer wireless earphones.

Carrying a $995 price tag that will scare no one of the upper income strata, the globally famous fashion designer Louis Vuitton has announced the retail arrival later this year of its own dernier cri monogram wireless Horizon earphones. Compatible with Apple and Android, as well as Bluetooth devices, these airpods feature LV-designed casing in a range of four colour combinations around technology by the New York audio firm, Master and Dynamic.

The designer charging case, which features sapphire glass, offers 10 hours of battery life, while the earphones hold 3.5 hours of listening time. This is LV's first incursion into audio, but the shape of this airpod mirrors the company's earlier-launched Tambour Horizon smart watch.

The Louis Vuitton company makes no claims about its earphones doubling as hearing aids, though all such devices inevitably ride in on the great wave of publicity about features of airpod devices being of use to the hearing impaired. The question of hearing aid compatibility with such devices is also one that concerns the audiology world; a more complete picture of the issue was provided in " this 2017 article by Audiology Worldnews " when the great claim about airpods as impromptu hearing aids was rapidly filling website space.

Source: Harpers Bazaar