HIMSA appoint new Managing Director


Arild Rasmussen
Arild Rasmussen ©Himsa

Following 18 years at the helm of the Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Software Association (HIMSA), Niels Munksgaard retired at the end of October. The new Managing Director is Arild Rasmussen who has been with HIMSA for 11 years as Project Director.

Munksgaard joined HIMSA as Managing Director in August 2000; his first task was to bring NOAH 3 to the finish line.

“Before Niels arrived, NOAH System 3 was delayed several times and there was pressure to get it out the door,” said Scott Peterson, Vice President at HIMSA USA. “Niels resisted the pressure and made sure that NOAH 3 was stable and reliable before putting it in the hands of hearing care professionals.” The Company believe this sense for reliability and stability has become a hallmark of HIMSA under Munksgaard and through listening to their member companies and their customers, HIMSA have been able to offer features and developments such as NOAHLink as and when they need them.

Now Arild Rasmussen will take on the role of steering the association through the next period of change in programming software and hardware.

“I can’t be more pleased with the choice of Arild as my successor,” stated Munksgaard. “I am confident that Arild will do a great job as the Managing Director of HIMSA and will continue the excellent cooperation we have with our member companies.” HIMSA has offered a hug thanks to Munksgaard for all he has done at HIMSA and wish him a wonderful retirement.

Source: HIMSA