Using headphones and hearing aids simultaneously



CR Consumer Reports recently ran an article on finding headphones that work well with hearing aids. The article highlights several issues, including the obvious problem of finding the right fit for two devices.

The extra device of course often gets in the way of hearing aids that are carefully in place. But being able to appreciate music is a very important thing for many hearing aid users. For many users, headphones may be uncomfortable or even outright impossible to wear.

There are also other issues such as the headphones not sitting properly around the hearing aid’s microphone. In this case, the mics may not pick up the sound at all. In addition, if the headphone speakers are located too close to the microphone, the user may have problems with audio feedback.

Audiologists interviewed for the article believe that following certain rules should make it possible for the great majority of hearing aid users to also listen through headphones. They say that using headphones with hearing aids shouldn’t pose any risk as long as users follow basic advice, which incidentally applies to all headphones wearers as well.

BTE and RIC hearing aids are arguably the most difficult to pair with headphones because of the location of the microphone and general compatibility. Finding a pair of headphones that have the speakers a reasonable distance from the hearing aid microphone should help avoid feedback. Noise-cancelling headphones might also be beneficial in some cases. The article looks at a full range of alternatives and gives practical advice on making the right choices.

Source: CR Consumer Reports