Amplifon recently hosted a Capital Markets Day to present its strategy


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The company hosted the Capital Markets Day at its headquarters in Milan, Italy on March 26 to announce its strategic pillars and financial targets for the 2018–2020 period.

According to a company news release, the global retail hearing care industry is being driven by demographic changes and increasing market penetration. There are also other positive trends including a generation of increasingly active and dynamic consumers and the rising role of digital. Amplifon intends to make the most of its strategic position to benefit fully from this environment.

“Today we present to the financial community our strategic guidelines and our ambitious growth plans for 2020 supported by a strong technological innovation program in the customer experience. I am sure that these ambitious plans will allow us to further strengthen our global leadership, to significantly outpace the reference market and, above all, to gain a key competitive advantage for the medium-long term,” Enrico Vita, Chief Executive Officer at Amplifon, told investors.

The company presented three strategic pillars to position itself at the forefront of innovation: a customer-centric strategy aimed at offering an innovative customer experience, a differentiated growth strategy focused on core worldwide markets, and investments to support this vision. China is cited as a core emerging market. As part of its approach, the company intends to promote its distinctive corporate culture, attract top talent, and develop its global integrated IT infrastructure.

Source: Amplifon