Sensorion and Cochlear Ltd partner to assess treatment combinations


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Sensorion and Cochlear Ltd plan to assess the preclinical activity of SENS-401 in combination with cochlear implants manufactured by Cochlear in 2018, before initiating clinical studies, potentially as early as 2019.

Cochlear Ltd will invest about 1.6 million Euros and will enter Sensorion’s capital, a Montpellier-based biotech company (France). The Australian company, a leader in cochlear implant manufacture, will also have the right of first negotiation for the worldwide use of SENS-401 in combination with certain implants, according to a press release from the two companies.

“Our collaboration has the potential to be transformational for both partners, as well as for patients suffering from hearing loss,” said Nawal Ouzren, CEO of Sensorion. “In children, the sense of hearing is crucial to development, language and learning; in older adults, hearing impairment can be disabling and isolating. We believe that our collaborative efforts could ultimately result in life-changing benefits to implanted patients and we look forward to initiating mid-stage clinical testing as soon as 2019.”

“Cochlear is committed to advance hearing therapies and we look forward to leveraging our combined knowledge and capabilities,” added Jan Janssen, Chief Technology Officer of Cochlear Ltd. “Sensorion has a promising portfolio of therapeutic candidates and we believe that the demonstrated effects of SENS-401 may strategically complement our technology. We are excited for what our combined efforts could mean for providing even better outcomes for implant recipients.”

This is just one of Cochlear’s many partnership projects. The company is also involved in more than 100 joint research projects in 20 different countries.

Source: Sensorion; Cochlear Limited; BusinessWire