Oticon achieves top results in US Hearing Tracker Survey


Oticon Hearing Tracker
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Hearing Tracker, a survey of audiologists’ preferences and opinions, recently announced the latest results of its series of surveys that explore factors hearing care professionals consider when choosing between leading hearing aid brands. The results showed that Oticon ranked number one in multiple categories, with a 68% positive rating for patient satisfaction.

Importantly, Oticon ranked number one in all four of the attributes that surveyed audiologists selected as most important when choosing a hearing aid for their clients. Sound quality was the number one attribute, followed by reliability, ease of use, and value for money.

In other results, interestingly, more audiologists said they dispensed Phonak products than Oticon devices – 80% supply Phonak hearing aids while 71% report dispensing Oticon. Over 75% of the patients treated had mild-to-moderate, moderate, or moderate-to-severe hearing loss. Other regularly cited brands in all the categories were Unitron, ReSound, Starkey, Widex and Siemens. ReSound came in higher than Oticon in the best connectivity category. In addition, Phonak was first for the best ease of fit and for the best battery life.

ResponseSource - Press Release Wire; Hearing Tracker