Data transfer from cochlear implants to CI device manufacturers


Cochlear Link data transfer system

Cochlear Ltd. continues to roll out Cochlear Link in the United States, a system for data transfer to the company, in which information is made available to global clinical support staff and repair technicians.

One of the challenges following cochlear implantation is adjusting the device and any trouble-shooting that may be needed if something is not working quite right. In routine practice in most countries, the recipient visits the clinic to receive care but does not interact directly with the manufacturer. Cochlear Link is a unique program that provides direct access to the recipient’s latest program so that the manufacturer can directly program a replacement processor without involving the clinical center in the event of a malfunction.

“In the US, we have a business model that our customers will call us directly and we’ll facilitate the troubleshooting, whereas in Australia and in Europe, the relationship is direct with the clinic and of course we honor that relationship,” Victor Rodrigues, Cochlear’s chief software architect, told ZDNet. “We do plan to have 100% of clinics covering 100% of the recipients in North America in the near future.”

“There is a rich set of data that exists and there are some jurisdictions that allow us to mine that data anonymously so we can look for specific trends in that data set,” Rodrigues added. “A lot of this data actually contains information about the implant configuration and the etiology of the recipient – as well as any other particulars such as demographic – so one of the things that we’re looking forward to is applying various machine learning techniques to analyze the data a little bit more intelligently to assist recipients in their journey.”

One of the main benefits of this method for the recipient is that their device can be analyzed remotely, limiting the need to visit the clinic.

Source: ZDNet; Cochlear Ltd.