ZPower Announces partnership with AuDNet


ZPower has announced a new partnership with AuDNet, Inc., a group purchasing organization whose mission is to support and sustain the practice of audiology in all its forms through collective buying power.

With this goal in mind, ZPower will offer the rechargeable system for hearing aids to AuDNet’s members at a substantial discount off regular wholesale pricing. According to a press release from February 10, 2016 partnering with AuDNet will help introduce ZPower’s product to more patients, providing them the opportunity to never change a hearing aid battery again.

“Today’s hearing aids provide more acoustic parameters and connectivity than ever,” said Sara Sable-Antry, vice president of sales and marketing for ZPower. “However, these advancements come with the cost of patient frustration with disposable battery life. We know that patients today want rechargeability, but until now, the availability of rechargeable technology for hearing aids was very limited. I am proud to say that ZPower has changed that.”

David Smriga, president of AuDNet, Inc., is equally enthusiastic. “ZPower is bringing an innovative and valuable new technology to the market, a technology that will benefit a lot of people using hearing instruments to improve their communication quality of life. Our organization is excited to help ZPower get this technology into our member practices as affordably as possible.”

Source: ZPower