Follow-up: Starkey Hearing Technologies says company is a crime victim

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Starkey Hearing Technologies, Eden Prairie, Minnesota announced that the company is not under investigation by federal officials for criminal wrongdoing but is instead a victim of a possible crime.

Minneapolis-based daily the Star Tribune reports that Starkey, which unexpectedly fired several top executives back in September last year, provided no details on what the crime was or who may have committed it.

“As the alleged victim of criminal activity, Starkey continues to cooperate with federal law enforcement,” said Scott Neilson, Starkey’s attorney from law firm Henson & Efron. “The [Department of Justice] has requested that Starkey avoid providing any details about the conduct of certain former executives or the nature of the investigation, because to do so could impede the investigation and interfere with the enforcement of federal criminal law. Starkey is respecting that request,” he added.

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and other law enforcement authorities questioned several of the fired employees in November and searched the home of Jerry Ruzicka, Starkey’s former president. Neither the authorities nor the fired staff members have provided any details about the case. Lawyers for the fired execs stated that their clients have done nothing wrong or refused to comment.

Starkey Hearing is still being run by its founder, Bill Austin. From a financial perspective, the company reports that sales are strong and future forecasts are positive. “We are projecting that revenues and market share will be even better in 2016. Our continued success is a testament to our leadership team and our 4,800 employees,” said Lisa Richards, Vice-President of Sales and Customer Relations.

Source: Star Tribune