Investment increasing in earworn wearables sector


Interest has continued to grow in 2015 in the area of wearables, and smart ear devices are no exception, reports Tech Crunch. The emerging technology sector for earworn wearables, also known as smart ear devices or more creatively as “hearables”, has seen strong growth in recent years and investment has continued to increase in 2015. According to Tech Crunch, hearable companies have sourced nearly USD 52 million since 2009. Forecasts predict that the market may be worth up to USD 5 billion by 2018.

“The ear is a very great place to put a lot of sensors and also shape experiences because you can actually have a speaker there and provide a lot of augmented content through your mobile device,” says Raphael Michel CEO and co-founder of Eargo, a tech company operating from Mountain View, California. “But it’s a challenging environment because it’s small, every ear canal has a unique shape, and it’s a sensitive place with moisture and earwax.” The solution the company has found is to use flexible fibers that can flex and accommodate the shape of different ear canals.

Other companies in the sector are working on making hearables as small and “invisible” as possible, to avoid the classic problem of stigma around devices worn on or in the ear. Some tech companies are developing ways to make what used to be isolating activities, such as listening to music with headphones, into a more social and inclusive experience. Wearhaus ARC, for instance, has developed headphones that enable users to broadcast their music to nearby headphones.

Source: Tech Crunch