Amplifon has identified Enrico Vita for the position of CEO after Franco Moscetti


Franco Moscetti (l.), Enrico Vita (r.) ©Amplifon

In a press release from July 23, Amplifon informs that the company jointly with the Chief Executive Officer Franco Moscetti has initiated the transition in the Group leadership by identifying the current Chief Operating Officer Enrico Vita as a candidate for the position of CEO. After 10 years in the role, Franco Moscetti waives his office as Chief Executive Officer with effect from the Board of Directors’ meeting to be held on October 22. He will continue as a non-executive Deputy Chairman until the end of the mandate.

In this context, the Board of Directors delegated the Chairman to call a Shareholder’s Meeting, in order to elect a new Director who shall be appointed as Chief Executive Officer by the Board of Directors during the meeting on October 22. The Board of Directors informs to have identified Enrico Vita, current Chief Operating Officer, as the candidate fully meeting the requirements of leadership and competencies requested to hold the position.

Enrico Vita, born in 1969, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ancona, developed his professional career within the Indesit Group where, over almost 20 years, he held positions with growing responsibility in Italy and abroad, until becoming Group Supply Chain Officer. After an experience as Managing Director UK & Ireland, he became Chief Operating Officer - Sales and Marketing. In March 2014 he joined the Amplifon Group as Executive Vice President EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and in March 2015 he was appointed Chief Operating Officer.

The Chairman Susan Carol Holland expressed her sincere gratitude to Franco Moscetti: Under his guidance the Group has reached and gradually consolidated its worldwide leadership in the distribution and fitting of personalized hearing solutions, increasing its presence from 10 to 22 countries and doubling its revenue, EBITDA, net profit and market capitalization. The Chairman showed, moreover, her deep appreciation for the process of development of the Group Management Team leading to the constant strengthening of the organization and allowing the identification of an internal candidate for the succession, in the perspective of an exemplar continuity.

Source: Amplifon