AWN AAA Special Issue: Faster! Faster! Intelligence won´t wait


AWN AAA Congress Special issue

Columbus OH. 2019. Look around you as the conference throngs and sparkles, spreading intelligence at this world’s biggest annual American gathering of audiologists. Renamed “The Best of Audiology”, but once called “NOW!”. Not any more. Not in a world where the now is gone before you can change your hearing aid batteries!

Audiology Worldnews special issue

In science and commerce, the very concept you almost grasped yesterday will by this evening be at least renamed, if not wholly rethought. Out to capture that zeitgeist, this special print edition of Audiology Worldnews highlights news for professionals who meet Einstein’s definition of intelligence measured by the ability to change: big data use in Samsung’s app uSound to remotely test hearing via cellphone; lightning-fast processing speed achieved by Oticon’s feedback-stifling OpnS™; a US Navy lab just down the road in Ohio recreating aircraft carrier acoustics for research; and, as more political rows loom over universal healthcare, we look at a stellar conference debate on the realities of trying to make Medicare work for audiologists and their patients.

AAA conferences are known for their far-sightedness, so it is fitting, as program chair Erin Miller points out to us, that an improv team helps kick off this event, underlining the need for sharp ability to adapt. But take heart also in discovering that while hearing aids are now adjusted to our preferences by artificial intelligence (which will probably soon be writing these editorials), AI still needs to ask human intelligence what is what, new apps are still invented by students in remote Latin American provinces, and change is still a dynamic nourished at grass roots level.

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