Starkey introduces Acuity Immersion Technology at EUHA 2017

EUHA 2017

Starkey EUHA2017

Starkey Germany will showcase its innovative Halo® 2, SoundLens™ Synergy® and Muse™ hearing aids and offer an exclusive first look at its new Acuity™ Immersion technology at the EUHA 2017 congress in Nürnberg.

At the congress, Starkey’s Germany team will offer an exclusive preview of the Acuity Immersion technology integrated into Starkey’s new iQ hearing aids, scheduled to launch in February 2018. The company will also introduce Achin Bhowmik, Ph.D., chief technology officer and executive vice president of engineering, Starkey Hearing Technologies. Other highlights include two exclusive lectures by Jason Galster, Ph.D., senior manager of audiology research, Starkey Hearing Technologies.

“Starkey has been a world leader in custom hearing aid technology for years with the most recent Muse hearing aids becoming one of the most popular product lines in Germany and SoundLens Synergy becoming our most popular invisible product,” said Starkey Hearing Technologies Director of European Operations, Thorsten Quaas. “The Muse hearing aid line provides customers with the highest quality of hearing technology and the personalization only Starkey custom-fit products can offer. We are excited to see the incredible advancements of both technologies in the new IQ versions come 2018.”

“As part of our commitment to lead the world in hearing innovation, we are excited to share the results of our collaboration with the world’s top researchers in today’s most advanced technologies at EUHA 2017,” said Starkey Hearing Technologies President Brandon Sawalich. “By working closely with leading researchers in the fields of neuroscience, virtual reality, audiology and signal processing to integrate advancements into our award-winning products, this technology enables us to provide patients with new levels of presence, clarity and personalization previously unattainable with traditional hearing devices.”

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