EUHA Congress: Year after year…, for the 60th time this year

Congress Advertorial

Europe's largest convention in the hearing aid sector, the 60th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians, is scheduled for October 14-16, 2015, in Nürnberg, Germany.

The Congress is Europe's top event for hearing aid acousticians, audiologists, medical scientists, otolaryngologists, manufacturers, and representatives of associations to meet and share knowledge. Several thousand attendees from approx. 90 countries are expected to take part.

The conference program features 25 lectures, six workshop sessions, and presenters with international renown. Interesting, innovative, and broad-ranging. The Jubilee Congress will focus on the future of hearing systems and the hearing aid sector. Advances in hearing aid fitting, technology, speech understanding, and psycho acoustics will be dealt with. Binaural fitting, percentile analysis as well as directional microphones will take center stage. Innovations from brain research, speech intelligibility plus hearing aids and power supply will be looked into more closely. There will be presentations on CIs, CICs, and bone conduction devices, frequency concepts, and accessories, hearing protection for music aficionados, and better audibility for mobile communication. Workshop sessions will focus on audio therapy, cochlear implants, bone conduction devices as well as percentile analysis. The wide-ranging program offers ample opportunity to collect continuing education units (CEUs) on a European level. The Congress is approved and certified by the approval center for continuing education of the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Acousticians, and is slated to be worth 20 CEUs.

The largest and most important trade exhibit in our line of business featuring some 125 exhibitors, will be running on the most modern exhibition space. The conference lectures and workshop sessions will provide attendees with the chance to try to get to the bottom of, and expand, their level of knowledge. Moreover, it is a platform for sharing professional and private information, for exchanging experience, and getting up to scratch.

Save the date: The Congress is scheduled for October 14-16, 2015, in Nürnberg, Germany. We look forward to meeting you!

For more information and to register go to EUHA's website.

Source: EUHA

Photo: NürnbergMesse, by Heiko Stahl