D-2 to the 12th European Symposium on Pediatric Cochlear Implants


© ESPCI (Antony Lasserre)

After its edition held in Istanbul in 2013, the European Symposium on Pediatric Cochlear Implants (ESPCI) will take place in Toulouse, France this year from June 18 to 21 under the presidency of Nadine Cochard and Dr Marie-Noëlle Calmels, ENT Department, Toulouse University Hospital Center.

Focused on innovations in the area, this event brings together a large number of professionals and specialists with more than 1,500 delegates from across the globe. Topics including research, new indications, long-term results, and the medico-economic impact of CIs, will be on the agenda. “We wanted to give preference to debates with many round table discussions and courses calling on the best specialists in the area,” say the two presidents of the congress. “Interactive lectures have also been organized to enable direct exchanges between the participants and sharing of knowledge and innovations.” E-posters will also be a major feature with more than 500, including some that will be selected and rewarded. More than 700 abstracts were read and reviewed by an International Scientific Committee, showing the worldwide interest of teams for this subject.

The event is organized under the honorary presidency of Prof. Bernard Fraysse and Prof. Olivier Deguine, and under the patronage of Graeme Clark, Claude-Henri Chouard, Ingeborg Hochmair and Blake Wilson, the entire group of pioneers in cochlear implants, who will receive an award from the Université Paul Sabatier of Toulouse at the opening ceremony.

For more information: espci2015.com