Brazil hosts Iberoamerican cochlear implant professionals

GICCA 2015


The 6th Iberoamerican Conference on Cochlear Implants and Related Sciences got under way on May 20 and runs until Saturday, May 23 at the University of Sao Paolo Medical School convention centre. The event, organized by GICCA, the Iberoamerican Group of Cochlear Implants and Related Sciences, will host 1,500 visitors and 260 speakers.

As an appetizer for the gathering, we bring you a full dossier including four interviews with experts from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico: Age and unilateral hearing loss - is it always a barrier for implants? (Colombia); Chile travels to Brazil looking ahead to 2017 ; "The CI-related landscape in Mexico is looking promising"; Debating the present and future of implants (Argentina).

GICCA was set up 12 years ago in Buenos Aires (Argentina) as an ongoing study group then comprising 14 founding members from different countries including Brasil, El Salvador, Spain, Costa Rica, Argentina, Cuba, Portugal, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico. Chairman of the event is Dr. Ricardo Ferreira Bento, a member of GICCA, whose congress will for the first time feature practical training workshops and four live surgery sessions. One of the most acclaimed scientific events in the region, the congress seeks the support of professionals, the promotion of the development of the otological community, as well as being a chance to present the latest technological advances in the field.

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