Numerous technological novelties at the AudiologyNOW!


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Wednesday night at the "largest gathering of audiologists in the world", about 175 companies present their newest audiology products and services. Across more than 3,000 square meters of exposition surface, renowned hearing aid manufacturers such as GN ReSound, Hansaton, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens/Sivantos, Unitron and Widex have their stands. Numerous smaller suppliers from the entire spectrum of audiology diagnostics and hearing rehabilitation are also represented. The exhibition started, for the second year running, with the big opening party "Celebrate Audiology".

During the opening night visitors had the opportunity to inform themselves about numerous technological novelties. GN ReSound, for instance, shows the LiNX² the second generation of its LiNX hearing system, including new performance classes and building concepts. Hansaton presents the product families Sound, Jam and Beat, a totally new portfolio. Focal points on the Oticon stand are the new hearing aid families Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2. Phonak shows Bolero V its smallest IP67 certified BTE, also the Phonak CROS II for single sided deafness and the Roger EasyPen. Siemens presents the In-ear hearing aids Insio, which are offered in ITE, ITC, CIC and Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) versions. The highlight at Widex is the Power-hearing system Widex Dream.

Apart from these and many, many other new products, the 6,000 plus visitors - audiologists, students, researchers, manufacturers and retailers – are treated to a top of the bill programme of lectures and workshops dedicated to hearing, hearing loss and hearing rehabilitation until the weekend.

With its annual congress, the American Academy of Audiology wishes to support audiologists in their effort to offer ever better service to their customers and to overcome professional bottlenecks.

Two conferences featured on the first day. The Academy Research Conference (ARC) focused this year on vestibular loss. 35 percent of Americans over forty suffer from restrictions regarding their vestibular system. During the conference, internationally renowned experts shed light on various vestibular dysfunctions. The Student Academy of Audiology Conference is a high-grade education programme for audiology students.