Interview with AudiologyNOW! program chair Dr. Helena Solodar



The welcoming Tex-Mex culture of San Antonio offers a fertile atmosphere for serious fun to go together with hard learning, this year's program committee chair, Dr. Helena Solodar, emphasizes.

According to her, the program has become a powerful mixture of these two ingredients. You don't want to miss it!

“We are always on the lookout to make our next issue the most exciting and informative one ever for all attendees. Visiting audiologists from different backgrounds, such as the scientific, educational, clinical or business settings all expect to find knowledge and inspiration at AudiologyNOW! to “steer” their activities “with success” for another year.

Like no other sector, the audiology sector is knowledge-driven. Therefore, we offer just that: clinical data, practical know-how, knowledge and insight that can be brought back to the office the following week in order to boost success. Business information, scientific knowledge and shared educational experiences all contribute to that, but let’s not forget the contribution of old and new friends and colleagues. Networking is an important integral part of the whole experience”, says Dr. Helena Solodar, 2015 Program Committee chair and co-owner of Audiological Consultants of Atlanta. That’s one explanation for this year’s theme, “Steer with Success”. Secondly the motto makes reference to the location of the venue. And what better symbol than the famous Texas longhorn cattle?

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Link to the AudiologyNOW! 2015 program.