EUHA 2014: The best of the best

Also new is the Intelligent Volume Control i-VC. It enables users in need of better understanding of speech for a limited time to easily control this feature with his volume knob. The configuration emphasises the speech-relevant frequencies somewhat more for both ways to react to noisy surroundings. One type of customer tends to increase the amplification when confronted with lacking understanding of speech in noisy surroundings. Traditional volume control would in this case amplify the noise just as strong as the speech. The other kind of customer tends to do just the opposite: to turn the volume down, which normally would also affect the speech they want to hear. “We now offer both kinds of clients an intelligent solution, that improves comfort and at the same time maintains the all-important speech part in the sound mix”, Carsten Braun says. A further new comfort feature of the Juna systems is the de-reverberation algorithm which reduces the reverberation that covers speech. “It works very quickly and efficiently to make the signal “drier”. Compare it to moving from a spacious staircase into a living room”, Braun explains.

Unitron extend Flex

Visitors to the Unitron booth at EUHA were able to experience a demonstration of the Moxi2 Pro. This involved a three-screen demo highlighting the sound quality of Unitron’s next generation Pro technology and Automatic Program in multiple listening environments. Audiologists could appreciate the patient display screens that enhance the Unitron TrueFit fitting experience. The Canadian company also showed an affordable new product on the Era platform, the Shine™Rev line-up, which is offered in a full range of BTE and custom styles. Visitors could also experience the uHear™ v2.0, an updated version of an iPhone/iPod based app that allows for in-home hearing evaluation; the world’s most widely downloaded and used hearing test. But that wasn’t all, for Unitron has extended their industry-first Flex program. Available in the market for a couple of years, Flex:trial and Flex:upgrade has now been joined by Flex:tracker which allows clinicians to easily and efficiently track hearing aid trials using Unitron’s TrueFit™ fitting software.

Since it was introduced, the Flex program has been widely adopted throughout Europe, with thousands of hearing healthcare professionals using Flex:trial on a regular basis. In Germany, for example, according to a recent global independent study of the clinical and business impacts of the Flex™ program, 78% of hearing healthcare professionals report using Flex:trial with the majority of their patients.

A Smart portfolio from ReSound

ReSound brought smart hearing technology to the International Congress in Hannover. ReSound featured their Made for iPhone compatibility that has recently been expanded across segments into the super power with ReSound ENZO and tinnitus with ReSound LiNX TS. The Danish manufacturer also expanded the ReSound LiNX™ into new form factors (BTE models) and a new price point with the ReSound LiNX 5. LiNX has created the biggest amount of media coverage for any hearing launch and ReSound made a feature of this on their stand. The product has featured on many television networks including CNN and across a lot of the print media including The New York Times. Since its launch, LiNX has received many awards including the IFA Gold Usability Award, Da Vinci Innovative and Assistive Technology Award and Dansk Industry’s 2014 Product Award. Prior to the EUHA congress ReSound announced that they are a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the Accessible Technologies category by CES – the International Consumer Electronics Show – for ReSound ENZO.