Employers are a 'major barrier' to work


Three out of four people with hearing loss feel their employment opportunities are more limited than their hearing peers, with almost 80 per cent naming employers as the major barrier, according to new research by charity Action on Hearing Loss.

The charity’s findings, which were released during Deaf Awareness Week, highlight the difficulties deaf people face at work, show that hearing loss prevented 70 per cent of people surveyed from fulfilling their potential at work and, of those that retired early, two-fifths said hearing loss contributed to their decision to retire.

Chief Executive of Action on Hearing Loss, Paul Breckell, said: ‘Why should the one in six people with a hearing loss in the UK be denied the same opportunities to progress their careers as people with hearing? It’s crucial that employers change their attitudes to reduce the daily obstacles that deaf people face and take practical steps, such as having working hearing loops, installing amplified telephones and making simple changes to work areas, to ensure everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.'

Source: Action on Hearing Loss