I am the One in Ten – tinnitus compilation album

The British Tinnitus Association has announced that its Ambassador Eddy Temple Morris, a DJ, Producer and Presenter is compiling a tinnitus album. This album will be different from any previously released as it will feature musicians, producers and DJs who have tinnitus. Bands that have already pledged singles for the album include: Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas, DJ Fresh and Embrace. Talking about the project, Eddy Temple Morris said, “One in 1,200,000 people per year badly burn themselves on a firework, and the government have spent millions on public information advertising, yet one in ten people has tinnitus, and the government have never spent a single penny on awareness. We need to get through to the government that it's not just musicians and soldiers that get tinnitus, it’s every layer of society, and we want to reflect this by putting together a compilation album where every single person involved has tinnitus. If we can open the government’s eyes to this, then we’ll have a fighting chance of support in awareness, maybe even a ‘Charly Says’ public information film, and a much better chance of funding towards finding a cure.

“Every track on this album will have been donated by musicians, producers, DJs, all of whom have tinnitus. Bands (with at least one person living with tinnitus) but also the person who designs the cover, the one that sequences and masters the record, the promotions person, marketing person, at least one of the guys at the record label, the publisher, the TV plugger, an artist manager, the person who writes the label copy, the journalist who writes a review, all the way through to the postman who delivers it, each person involved will have tinnitus. The aim is to raise awareness of the condition, how it can affect anyone, and to raise funds for the BTA.”

The project is just looking for a record label to put the album out, preferably one where the boss also has tinnitus. “We’ve had several smaller labels offer their support, for which we are hugely grateful. What would be great is if somebody at a big record label sees this and pledges their support.” Eddy Temple Morris said.

Source: BTA

Victoria Adshead