Save the date! International Ear Care Day

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The World Health Organization is creating awareness about hearing loss by celebrating International Ear Care Day on March 3. The theme for this year is Health Hearing, Happy Hearing Health Care for Ageing People. This date was selected due to the shape of the numbers in 3.3, being representative of the two ears. Hearing loss is the most prevalent sensory disability globally, according to the WHO. It estimates that 278 million people are living with deafness or disabling hearing impairment. This represents about 4.2% of the world’s population of which two-thirds live in developing countries. Causes of deafness and hearing loss are many including hereditary factors, congenital infections, aging, noise exposure, use of ototoxic medications and infectious diseases. Chronic Middle Ear pathology, specifically Chronic Otitis Media is the cause of primary concern in middle and low income countries. The prevalence of Chronic Otitis Media around the world ranges from 1 to 46% in developing and developed countries. It is the leading cause of hearing loss among children and contributes to linguistic and educational difficulties in childhood as well as training and employment problems in adults.

Source:World Health Organization

Rose Simpson