Finally! Apple hearing aid and disability emojis on the point of rolling out



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A hearing aid and deaf person icon are among long-awaited Unicode 12 emojis on the point of being released by Apple.

On October 10, Apple seeded the beta version of its fast-tracked iOS 13.2 operating system to developers; rumours are unquestionably strong that the full public release of 13.2 is due any day now, with Mac news sources speculating it will be late October or, at the latest, early November.

Included in iOS 13.2 are 59 new emoji characters, 75 when gender variations are counted, and 230 if gender variations and skin tones are included.

These offer a symbol for a hearing aid, as well as a deaf person sign of a figure pointing with a finger to between the ear and mouth. There are wheelchair emojis, and bionic limbs too. The icons were developed in conjunction with organizations such as the American Council of the Blind, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and the National Association of the Deaf.

Apple previewed the new emojis as early as April, 2019, so for traditionally impatient devotees of phone paraphernalia, it is proving a long wait.

Source: MacRumors