How to keep restaurants from becoming noise generators


Empty restaurant
Photo: Mark Smith - Fotolia

The Know, culture and entertainment site for Denver, Colorado, recently posted an interesting article on how important noise is becoming in the restaurant sector.

According to the article, the level of noise is a fundamental part of the restaurant experience for many people. In fact, noise has become such an important factor in considering where to eat out that restaurant reviews now commonly include noise in their rating.

The article says that modern, chef-managed restaurants have a delicate balance to strike between creating a feeling of energy and liveliness and unwanted noise that can make the experience unpleasant. This is as important as finding the right mix of ingredients.

“I’ve sat in hundreds of meetings on restaurant design,” says Denver restaurateur John Imbergamo in the article. “I’ve seen electrical systems engineered down to the amp, airflow down to cubic feet per second, plumbing, mechanical, lighting, you name it. But sound is hard to engineer until after the fact.”

Imbergamo also believes that the type of sound is critical: metallic, high-pitched sounds are unpleasant, while lower-pitched sounds can help contribute to a pleasing, relaxed atmosphere that can make all the difference to a meal experience. Additionally, a somewhat noisy place is more likely to be seen as popular, compared to one that is too quiet.

Source: The Know.