Early Intervention Centre to help hearing-impaired children integrate conventional schools


Pranav Early Intervention Centre
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Pranav Early Intervention Centre for Young Hearing-Impaired Children, at Chitnavis Centre, Nagpur, Maharashtra State, India held its annual day celebration in January 2017 and focused attention on its novel approach to help children with hearing difficulties.

The Times of India reports on the Pranav Centre which works to develop verbal language skills and motor coordination abilities in children with hearing loss to prepare them for admission to mainstream schools by the time they are 5 or 6 years of age. Children from 3 years old can be enrolled in the school.

“The real challenge for hearing-impaired children will begin when they step into the real world and they can succeed only if we give them the confidence to overcome those hurdles,” says Dr Suresh Chari, who attended the annual day. Chari was the event’s main guest speaker and is the director of research and medical education technology at the NPK Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre.

The Pranav Centre focuses on the fact that children with hearing loss often have residual hearing and this ability can be enhanced and channeled, rather than allowing it to gradually diminish. According to Chitnavis, “Specially designed hearing aids are used at the centre to harness the remaining hearing capacity of the child and amplify it.” “Giving children confidence to overcome their shortcomings is more important than training them to speak,” the centre explains.

Source: Times of India