Focus on preventable hearing loss in India


According to an article in the New Indian Express, up to 50% of cases of hearing loss in India are preventable. Experts made this statement at the monthly health lecture on “Deafness and Beyond”, hosted by the Public Garden Walkers’ Association in Hyderabad, Telangana. The event was attended by large numbers of health-conscious morning walkers and the general public.

Dr Saurabh Gupta, consultant ENT specialist at Apollo Hospitals, was the main speaker at the event. “Hearing impairment is an invisible handicap, yet its effects on one’s personal health, happiness, and personal well-being are real,” he said. “Early diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss is of paramount importance in children since this limits the learning potential and development of the child.” He added that also among adults and the elderly, hearing loss can greatly impact quality of life. Hearing loss also affects people living with those who have hearing impairment, like family members, since communication is a two-way street.

Changes in lifestyle and excessive noise exposure were cited as two of the reasons explaining the increasing incidence of hearing loss in India. Other factors included genetics, age, health conditions, drugs, chemical products, and physical trauma.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and India’s National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), four in every 1,000 children in India are born with hearing impairment and the incidence of hearing loss in adults and the elderly is increasing at an alarming rate.

Source: New Indian Express