Signia teams up with world's most valuable sports club - Dallas Cowboys - to boost hearing health awareness



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Hearing device brand Signia has a new play for the awareness field; a sports connection with the biggest sports club on the planet.


"Hearing Centre on Wheels" tackles hearing loss cases caused by bombing in Ukraine



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A team comprising a hearing care professional and an ENT specialist has been working the streets of war-torn Kiev, discovering a high number of people who have lost their hearing as a result of bomb explosions and artillery fire.


Will a hearing aid on Barbie make a difference? What about one on Jesus?



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The promised June worldwide roll-out of a Barbie with a hearing aid is upon us. What will happen now?


Visit to an audiologist may have saved Birmingham man's life


Hearing Health

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The significance of hearing care - as in both audiologists and hearing technology - is increasingly being pushed up the health ladder. And a recent case of a Specsavers customer getting life-saving advice from his audiologist brightens the spotlight on this importance.


Hearing aid loss or damage tops list of facemask-related UK home insurance claims



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An insurance company’s analysis of claims over the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 offers a likely but nonetheless intriguing chronicle of behavioural change through rises in ill-starred scenarios involving hot tubs, garden fires, and exercise equipment.


Man in France fined for driving while wearing hearing aids



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A 55-year-old man from the northern French department of Aisne was driving his car on April 7, blissfully unaware that the eyes of the law were upon his ears. Six days later, Dominique Moret received notification of a 135 euro fine and a three-point penalty for "driving a vehicle with a device capable of emitting sound in the ear".


“Everyone should have the chance to hear well”


social investment

© Hear the World Foundation    Praise, from Malawi, has learned to speak thanks to hearing aids donated by the Hear the World Foundation, and she attends a normal school.

Hear the World, founded by the Sonova Group, has for many years supported projects to help children with hearing loss around the world. The new director of the foundation, Dr. Joëlle Pianzola, gives us a glimpse behind the scenes and her visions for the future.


Hearing loss sufferers in 14 developing and emerging countries to benefit from Austrian-led Hearing Healthcare Alliance




The global implantable tech company MED-EL has teamed up with two Austrian government bodies to manage a Hearing Healthcare Alliance to operate a five-year program to improve the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people with hearing loss.


WHO Hearing awareness campaigns can spotlight need for a national screening initiative, says leading audiologist at UK's biggest audiology chain.


World Hearing Day


International campaigns such as the World Health Organisation's (WHO) World Hearing Day (March 3, 2022) can spotlight the care and prevention narrative, although their impact varies according to territories' infrastructure and access to devices.


Audiologists can raise awareness around World Hearing Day 2022 with tools supplied by battery producer Rayovac


World Hearing Day

© Rayovac       Actor Danny Murphy explains the importance of long-lasting hearing aid batteries.

Battery manufacturer Rayovac is getting behind the hearing loss awareness drive for World Hearing Day - March 3, 2022 - by telling Life Without Limits stories of ordinary people facing auditory challenges.